Keep the family DNA

The DNA of each individual determines to a large extent how he has been, how he is and even how his health can be. Given that a large part of the information found in the DNA is shared among family members, the fact that we have access to our relatives and their medical history can help us and our descendants to know the risk of developing a pathology. frequent in our family.

For some pathologies, the areas of DNA that must be studied to assess the risk of suffering from it are very well identified. For others, intensive research is being carried out and it is likely that scientific advances allow us to identify them in the coming years.

When that time comes, it may be fundamental for families to know the DNA information of the maximum number of its members, especially those affected by serious hereditary diseases.

As our motto says, genetic information can be vital to your family’s health. Keep it today.

The DNA conservation offered by the DNA FAMILY BOOK service does not imply, on its own, the degree of risk of suffering from a specific disease.

It does, however, allow the family to have that DNA at their disposal when they need it, for example if the genetic consultant consulted at the time by the family (outside the DNA FAMILY BOOK service) recommended to analyse the conserved DNA.

If the family is then aware of their risk, family members whose chances of suffering from this disease are low will be reassured, and instead, relatives with moderate or high risk may receive timely proposals for preventive actions in the field of personalized medicine.

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